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Promptu 0.9 change log - February 12, 2011

New features:
  • Added a right-click context menu to the prompt.
  • Added the ability to change the background color of the selected item in the suggestion provider.
  • If the Start Menu is open when you press your hotkey, Promptu now automatically forces the Start Menu to close.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a crash caused by denied access while grabbing the path of a running program using the eyedropper. - November 21, 2010

New features:
  • Added an experimental new feature that attempts to locate and display icons for commands in the suggestion provider. If you wish to turn it off, you can go to setup -> options tab -> suggestions and uncheck Show underlying icons associated with command targets.
  • When you try to paste a file (e.g. from Explorer) using Ctrl+V into the prompt, Promptu now pastes its path.
  • Promptu's updating code now attempts to use the default proxy server (if one is present).
  • (Notes plugin): Added an option to make the text bold, italic, or both.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed some internationalization problems that appeared when running Promptu outside of the en-US locale.
  • Fixed the ~0.3 second display of previously executed text in the prompt caused by WPF's async rendering.
  • Fixed a Windows XP-specific startup crash (only manifested when the prompt positioning is Manual Position)
  • Fixed an updater crash.
  • Improved command throttling so commands that are taking a while do not hold up other commands. (Command execution was optimized in 0.9 to use one thread and a queue, but did not take into account that some commands might take more than a few milliseconds to complete.)
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin compatibility analyzer related to generic types.
  • Fixed a 64/32 bit compatibility problem with grabbing the path of a running program.