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Frequently asked questions

How do I share lists between computers?

See How to share a list across multiple computers in the list help.

What are those curly bracket thingys?

See What are namespaces?

What are namespaces?

Namespaces are groupings that allow you to hierarchically categorize your commands and functions (hereafter referred to as items in this section for simplicity). Namespaces are separated from each other and from the item's name by dots '.' You can also "hide" items behind other items using namespaces.

When the highlighted item in the suggestion provider is a namespace, you can move into the namespace by typing a dot '.', even if you have not fully typed the name.

Examples of Namespaces


Example of "Hidden" commands

firefox (opens Firefox normally)
firefox.safemode (opens Firefox in safe mode)
firefox.web (opens the Firefox webpage)

stackoverflow (opens the main StackOverflow page)
stackoverflow.myPage (opens your profile on StackOverflow - mine used as an example)
stackoverflow.JonSkeet (opens Jon Skeet's profile on StackOverflow)
stackoverflow.folder (opens a folder on your computer containing StackOverflow-related items)

How do I backup Promptu?

All of your data, configuration, and profiles are contained within the folder containing Promptu.exe. To back up your data, simply back up the Promptu folder. That's it!

How do I uninstall Promptu?

Promptu is portable and does not install like traditional programs. To "uninstall" Promptu, all you need to do is delete the folder containing Promptu.exe.

Why is it called Promptu?

Promptu is a form of the Latin word Promptus meaning "within easy reach, at one's disposal or command".

Its English derivatives include:
  • Prompt
  • Impromptu
  • Teleprompter

The name Promptu was chosen because its meaning captures the essence of this software project.

How can I support Promptu?

If you like Promptu, tell your friends and help spread the word!

Promptu is free to download and free to use, but if you would like to show your appreciation monetarily for Promptu and the 1100+ hours (and counting) of work put in by Zach Johnson, a computer science student at UCSD (University of California, San Diego), you can make a donation through PayPal.

You can also support Promptu by shopping at Amazon using this link or by using the amazon command included with Promptu.